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Ready to start your healthy hair and scalp journey? We offer services for DeSoto, Duncanville, Dallas, Cedar Hill, Arlington, Grand Prairie & surrounding areas. We also offer free consultation calls and virtual services.

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Who We Help?

Our goal is to help the 50 million men and 30 million women that suffer from alopecia. We understand that hair loss has a wide range of causes such as improper diet, hormonal issues, improper styling routine, illness (such as cancer), medication side effects, and surgeries. We not only identify the cause of your hair loss but help women and men to regrow their hair or find other long-term solutions.

What We Do?

Our Main Services Include:


Hair Loss & Health Assessment 

Ready to get to the root of your hair loss or scalp issues? Get a detailed assessment that identifies scalp issues from microscopic images, addresses diet issues, stress, and heredity because this is the only way to get to the root of the problem.  


Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Get natural results with non-surgical hair replacement we fit new hair to areas that have thin or no hair. The process gives the same results as surgical hair replacement but with less complication and pain. This service is guaranteed to provide positive results.     


Medical Wigs (Cranial Prosthesis)

Cranial Prosthesis wigs are custom fitted lace wigs that can be made from human hair or a human hair blend. If you want instant confidence this is a great option as these are the most natural wigs on the market for hair loss associated with illness such as cancer.  


Hair Restoration Therapy 

Our Hair Therapy system is a multi-therapy approach. A detailed step by step plan is created and executed based on your hair loss assessment. 


Low Level Laser Hair Growth Therapy

Laser hair loss therapy is a treatment that promotes healing of the hair follicle and scalp. With low level laser therapy natural hair regrowth is possible by increasing blood supply, repairing damaged hair shafts, reducing thinning, alleviating scalp irritation and preserving the scalp.

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How We Help?

Stop ignoring your hair loss problems. Start your personalized treatment plan today. We ensure the hair loss and growth process is customized to each client’s specific needs. 


Our researched backed treatment solutions include:  


  • Body ph. Testing

  • Ozone Therapy

  • Topical Treatments

  • Blood Chemical Analysis Testing

  • Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analyzation

  • Health Assessment

  • Bio-Compass Scan (Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Analysis)

  • Scalp Detox & Oxygenation Therapy

  • Convenient & Customized Hair Systems

Consultation Form

Please note that this is a specialty service. The consultation is an in- depth look at the cause of your hair loss! You should only request form access if we have had a 15 min consult. Please only request access if you are struggling with hair loss and need a treatment program!

*This consultation is an in-depth look at the health history, diet, scalp health that could contribute to hair loss!*

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